Elizabeth A. (Beth) Garcia is the author of the Deputy Ricos series, featuring Deputy Margarita Ricos.  Margarita is not just any deputy in any rural community. She’s a smart, twenty-five-year-old Chicana with attitude, who grew up on the edge of the United States in Terlingua, Texas. There, the peoples and cultures of two countries are blended, not separated, by the once-fierce Rio Grande.

Terlingua is an unincorporated settlement in Brewster County, the largest county in the largest state in the lower forty-eight. The county has more square miles and mountains than it does inhabitants.

Margarita and her partner, Deputy Barney George, are entrusted with preserving the peace and upholding the law in a land where the flowers and people grow wild.

“One Bloody Shirt at a Time” is the first in the series, and “The Beautiful Bones” is the second.

Coming in September is a novel unrelated to the Ricos series, “The Reluctant Cowboy.”


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