Hold My Calls

Hold my calls

I made an announcement a few days ago that Deputy Ricos Tale 5, “A Reasonable Explanation,” will be released in August. Somebody asked what happened to “The Hardest Word.” Good question. That was a working title and in the end it didn’t make sense for this novel. My publisher liked the title and so did I, but I can’t write to fit a title. It doesn’t work like that.

“A Reasonable Explanation” is the same novel I started, but it didn’t go where I thought it was going because Deputy Ricos kept taking it other places. The plot I had in mind would have made sense for the former title, but it wasn’t to be. One thing is clear to me: the deputy no longer cares what I think.

The imagination that brings forth fictional works also brings all the bugaboos you can imagine. As I write on the next Tale, I’m sometimes gripped by panic. What if my readers don’t like the new novel? What if I never finish another one? What if? What if?

“So what if they don’t like it?” counters Deputy Ricos with a lot of attitude for a woman I could erase with a tap on the delete key.

The problem is that I won’t/can’t erase her and she knows it. She is in me and I am in her. If she and I never wrote another tale, she’d still be with me as long as I live.

I think I struggled to write about 80,000 words before my character took it away from me. “Good grief,” I could hear her say, “You have no idea what you’re doing. Go read or something. I’ve got this.”

It’s with you, Deputy Ricos. Please hold my calls.


A New Year, Crazy-Writer Style

bookLast year was difficult in many ways, but writing-wise it was amazing. I got a tiny taste of what it would be like to be famous…very tiny, mind you, but it scared me to death. My overriding thought: I don’t have what it takes for this.

“Don’t you think you’d better figure it out?” snapped Deputy Ricos from inside my head. “You can’t just walk away!”

I told her to hide and watch me. She didn’t like it, but what was she going to do about it, write herself? That was what I half-expected. Anyway, I ignored her. What did I care?

Then I got a call from Front Street Books for more books. When I delivered them, someone asked, “When is your next Ricos novel coming out?” Ricos novel? La, la, la, I can’t hear you.

Whether I was ready or not, 2015 slid in. Even from a state of denial, I could feel the sizzling excitement and potential of a brand new year. What was I going to do if I didn’t write? Lie around?

After a couple of days of pathetic procrastination (Netflix, Pinterest, whining to friends), I rethought the whole writing thing. Forget fame and fortune (neither of which I have), the truth is I’m driven to write by a force I don’t understand. Deputy Ricos was correct that I needed to figure some things out, but the first thing for me, always, is to write.

Once I shoved away my doubts and fears and gave myself over to it, my muse came. I don’t even know what that is exactly, but when it comes I feel as though I’ve been zapped; I’m wired. I was held captive for two weeks and voila! My novel is finished. It needs polishing and tweaking, but the most painful part is behind me.

If you didn’t miss me while I was gone, that’s okay. I didn’t miss me either until I “came home.” This sounds crazy, and I know it is, but when I say I was “gone,” I’m not kidding. I was living the wrong life, at the wrong age, doing things I can’t do; everything was wrong, but oh, what fun! I returned to my “real” life a little disappointed that I had to return at all…not to mention I felt lost. Huh? What’s going on? Where is everybody? Today I went grocery shopping (don’t ask me what I ate for two weeks because I have no idea) and Alpine is still here.

No matter what else you can say about me, I’ve proven that I can start something and finish it. Now, if I could just apply that to housekeeping and staying organized. ¡Ojalá!

Typical of “the way things go” I’ve returned, but The Daily Planet is leaving. It’s going on “retirement mode” so Mike and Cindy can travel and have time to do whatever they choose. More power (and all good wishes) to them!

Without doubt, I will continue to be my opinionated, outspoken self on my blog here and also at this location: www.elizabethagarciaauthor.com  I’m not promising to post weekly. The only thing I can promise is to write.

Adiós, friends and Happy Trails! Thank you for the time you spent with me.